Welcome to the Larafast Directories Boilerplate Documentation

Larafast Directories Boilerplate made with Larafast and uses Laravel Framework v11.x, Laravel Jetstream v5.0, Livewire 3, TailwindCSS and DaisyUI.

Haven’t gotten Larafast Directories yet? Check here: https://larafast.com/projects/directories

As Directories Boilerplate based on Larafast, for all the available base features check Larafast Main documentation: https://docs.larafast.com


To install the project you need to open your terminal and type these commands

Clone repo and install composer

git clone git@github.com:karakhanyans-tools/larafast-directories.git [YOUR_PROJECT_NAME]
composer install

Create .env file

cp .env.example .env

Create APP_KEY just run:

php artisan key:generate

Change admin user details

Open the database/seeders/AdminSeeder.php file and update the default admin user details.

$user = User::create([
    'name' => 'Admin',
    'email' => 'admin@example.com',
    'password' => bcrypt('1111'),


If you plan to use different roles, update the database/seeders/RoleSeeder.php file.

Categories and Products

To modify pre-defined categories and products before running migrations, update the database/seeders/CategorySeeder.php and database/seeders/ProductSeeder.php files.

Details about how to manage categories can be found in Categories documentation.

Run migrations

By default DB_CONNECTION is set to SQLite, feel free to change it to MySQL or any preferred DB.

To use MySQL as a database, update the .env file with the new database credentials.


Run the migrations and seed the database with the following command:

php artisan migrate --seed


php artisan migrate:fresh --seed

Install NPM and Run

npm install
npm run dev

Run Local Server

Laravel comes with a handy artisan serve command to run a local server. Feel free to use Valet or any other local server management tools.

php artisan serve

That’s it. Visit and see your website!

Don’t forget to remove the starter kit’s git configs. To do so: rm -rf .git - to init fresh git folder later git remote remove origin