Laravel LemonSqueezy package default webhooks are using billable model to store the orders in the database. But what if you want to handle webhooks for non-auth users?

In this article, we will see how to handle LemonSqueezy webhooks for non-auth users in Laravel.

Step 1: Install LemonSqueezy

First, you need to install the LemonSqueezy package in your Laravel application.

composer require lmsqueezy/laravel

Check the all installation steps in the official documentation

Step 2: Change the billable columns to nullable in lemon_squeezy_orders table

In this example we are using the orders table to store the orders for non-auth users.

Schema::table('lemon_squeezy_orders', function (Blueprint $table) {

    $table->dropIndex(['billable_id', 'billable_type']);

Or modify them in main migration file after publishing them

php artisan vendor:publish --tag="lemon-squeezy-migrations"

I also track user name and emails from lemon squeezy orders, so I added these columns to the lemon_squeezy_orders table.

Schema::table('lemon_squeezy_orders', function (Blueprint $table) {

Step 3: Create a new route for webhooks

As default LemonSqueezy webhooks are using the billable model to store the orders in the database we need to create a new route for webhooks.

Create a new controller WebhookController

php artisan make:controller Webhooks/WebhookController --invoke

Create a new route for LemonSqueezy webhooks in your routes/web.php file.

use App\Http\Controllers\Webhooks\WebhookController;

Route::post('lemon-squeezy/webhook', WebhookController::class);

Step 4: Copy from LemonSqueezy WebhookController

Open vendor/lemonsqueezy/laravel/src/Http/Controllers/WebhookController.php file and copy the __construct(), __invoke() and handleOrderCreated() methods to your WebhookController.

You can extend your controller with LemonSqueezy Webhook Controller for the other methods if you don’t need modifications there

For our case we need to modify our handleOrderCreated() method to store the orders for non-auth users.

Instead of $billable->orders() we will use LemonSqueezy::$orderModel to create the order in our database

Remove 'customer_id' => $attributes['customer_id'], from the $order array as we are not using the billable model.

Add user_email and user_name to the $order array.

public function handleOrderCreated(array $payload): void
    if (Schema::hasTable((new LemonSqueezy::$orderModel)->getTable())) {
        $attributes = $payload['data']['attributes'];

        $order = (new LemonSqueezy::$orderModel)->create([
            'lemon_squeezy_id' => $payload['data']['id'],
            'user_email' => $attributes['user_email'],
            'user_name' => $attributes['user_name'],
            'product_id' => $attributes['first_order_item']['product_id'],
            'variant_id' => $attributes['first_order_item']['variant_id'],
            'identifier' => $attributes['identifier'],
            'order_number' => $attributes['order_number'],
            'currency' => $attributes['currency'],
            'subtotal' => $attributes['subtotal'],
            'discount_total' => $attributes['discount_total'],
            'tax' => $attributes['tax'],
            'total' => $attributes['total'],
            'tax_name' => $attributes['tax_name'],
            'status' => $attributes['status'],
            'receipt_url' => $attributes['urls']['receipt'] ?? null,
            'refunded' => $attributes['refunded'],
            'refunded_at' => $attributes['refunded_at'] ? Carbon::make($attributes['refunded_at']) : null,
            'ordered_at' => Carbon::make($attributes['created_at']),
    } else {
        $order = null;

Event Listener

Remove OrderCreated::dispatch($billable, $order, $payload) as we are not using the billable model.

Instead of OrderCreated event you can listen for WebhookHandled event in your application.

Add LemonSqueezyEventListener if you need to do additional actions after the order is created. For example you can send a welcome email with the steps how to use your app when user makes the order.


namespace App\Listeners;

use LemonSqueezy\Laravel\Events\WebhookHandled;

class LemonSqueezyEventListener
    public function handle(WebhookHandled $event): void
        if ($event->payload['meta']['event_name'] === 'order_created') {
            Log::info('Event handled', ['event' => $event->payload['data']]);

            Notification::route('mail', $attributes['user_email'])
                ->notify(new WelcomeNotification($attributes['user_name']));